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Zionist fascism, and the great judeo-american tragedy

April 2nd, 2015 · No Comments


The question of jews and judaism is reaching a crisis point for modern civilization as the post-Holocaust super-tolerance of all things jewish has produced a near tragedy in the destructive effects of a ‘supremacist’ effect that has made the effects of jewish culture destructive. Who would have thought that in the wake of the Holocaust jews would themselves drift into the ‘dark side’ and produce the monstrosity of Israel, and the near destruction of American democracy? How did this situation come about, and how to deal with it?

We can draw only a few very general conclusions:
the Zionist project had a false foundation from the start: there is absolutely no legal claim to Israel based on the text of the Old Testament. Everyone knew this at the start and many in the US state department tried to forestall the false starting point, but failed.

We have to face this reality: the source error behind the Zionist foundation of Israel has degenerated into an ‘Israel’ that is malevolent and contradictory and now a menace to the entire middle east.
The debates over Israel’s right to exist drift into acrimonious propagandas but the original point remains that the Zionist project was an unhistorical fallacy in motion. And now we pay the price for the original error and the US complicity that will in the end destroy the American government’s credibility. Whether Israel has a right to exist has been the wrong debate about the original mistake at the starting point.

It is helpful to see that ‘secular modernity’ has tended to move toward recycling the religions of the Axial Age. Thus it is obvious at this point that the ‘mistake’ of Israel is based on a false conclusion about the history of religion. As the world moves toward a post-Axial configuration the attempted jewish supremacist effect is obnoxious and out of place. Surely the intended historical dynamic was for a blending of peoples in the creation of a post-judaic and most probably a post-Xtian modernity. This is not the same as anti-religion as secularism but simply the process of post-Axial tilling of the soil for a new era of spirituality. But now we have the entire government of the US pegged to a spiritual fantasy world of the Old Testament. This anomaly is a serious threat to the whole of American civilization and could result in the destruction of american democracy (assuming it hasn’t been destroyed already).
We can simply stop here to reflect on what we’ve said, and continue the commentary at a future date.

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