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As with the paranoid demon nightmare of Xtians…

April 10th, 2015 · No Comments

The previous post suggests that if it is that bad, a sannyas org is fucked, what happened to Osho’s protection?
It would seem that an org would soon be controlled by ouside entitities. Is this real, or some kind of occult fantasy?\\\
we don’t know because the effects are real because they ‘change will’, but the source is obscure. Outside entities can help, or warn, but they can’t influence your will without creating the trap all over again.
In any case the is the Gurdjieff Con blog with reflections and critiques of Gurdjieff and his demonic schemes.

We begin to see what happened to Xtianity: it was flooded with confusion of people sensing the demonic and creating imaginary religious reactions around it. A buddhist/indic/yogic legacy should be able to prevent this confusion, but who knows. You have to wonder is some kind of Gurdjieff entity didn’t invade the sangha in some places as the buddha passed beyond for the last time. The Xtian religious culture sought refuge in Christ, and the effect seems real up to a point. Tibetan buddhism seems similar. But if people are obsessed with warding off devils it is because they have lost the battle. Diseased religious people. No wonder the new atheists shudder and sneak away.

Be rid of new age fantasies about Gurdjieff. He isn’t a friend, and if he is impersonating Osho (I could be totally imagining this), you are fucked. And it is hard to see how I could help much, with the enemies I have. This is my problem, not yet yours. But Gurdjieff will get a pass into yogic ahsrams. Look at Shri Anirvan. What an idiot. He confused Gurdjieff with a buddha.
Buddhism nearly escaped into modernity, but with its core path to enlightenment intact. The commune should be similar with Western Enlightenment rationality at its core with possible study of fringe irrationality, and beyond that buddhist style enlightenment as a superset of that rationality.
We shall see.

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