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The ghost of Hamlet’s father…and then, OMG, a talking ghost on the left, ectoplastic Karl speaks in the gloom over the parapet…

April 10th, 2015 · No Comments

The left is frozen and closed to outsiders.

A year after the publication of Last and First Men, I have to start to evaluate my position on the left. The verdict is gruesome and very sad. I first began Marx study in 1977 in New York and passed through the New Age fringe with a communist slant that often alienated me from new age groups. I weaved in and or out marxist belief systems, but achieved a decisive recomitment around 1989, around the time of Osho’s book Communism and Zen Fire, Zen Wind. I was alienated from the Osho world nonetheless, and very distant from the new age world after that for twenty years, including the period of work on WHEE. In 2000 with the publication of WHEE and the explosion of the Internet I tried briefly to contact some marxist groups, but ended by being banned from all the marxist listservs, despite the left commentary in WHEE. Leftists would never under any circumstances exchange an email with me.
That was that until I took out two plus years in 2012 to 2014 to produce Last and Fist Men, an explicit treatment of neo-communism. But this work which I expected to open at least some dialogue was totally ignored by all leftist groups, magazines and listservs and I remain banned from most mailing groups. I am still unable to exchange an email with people on the left. Challenging Chomsky, not a real leftist, on 9/11 didn’t help. And, of course, the issue of darwinism is fatally embroiled in groupthink.

Let me say at once that LFM has had more than a hundred thousand ‘readers’ in the last year, so the issue here is not a sobstory about being neglected. The ground on the left is changing fast at this point. But I am still concerned that attempts to think even marginally outside the paradigm result in total exclusion from the cultic left. In those circumstances the left has no future options no matter how much they prattle on the subject of Lenin. No outsider can penetrate this monolith, and no group project is I suspect able to get off the ground, for this and other reasons…
After all this effort to communicate the only thing I could expect would be a bullet for dissent from some moron in the cadre. That’s stupid, and the verdict on the left is stupid. The verdict on all that is drop dead. This is the left’s failure, not mine and it is pathetic.

I think one avenue beyond this is a general rewrite of the marxist canon, faithful to the axioms of communism, but more open to the multivariate groups from Xtian, to Moslem, to Buddhist, and beyond. With a dynamic secular core that is able to get past the stupid cult of the dialectic, the Iron Cage historical materialism, and the endless Marx worship which is pagan in the worst sense. A language to communicate beyond the closed world of cultic jargon and concepts. This has to happen soon, and it won’t happen with further conferences on Lenin and the ‘we’ve got to get organized’ mode. We have suggest a super-secular, a neo-buddhist, sufistic, and Xtian set of sidelines to a core modernism that can mediate religion critically in order to communicate with millions beyond the dwindling thousands of marxists current.

Marx the spirit is bored and contemptuous of his cultic worsipers, or so I am told.
I recall talking with a spiritual psychic, a real one, some years ago, and the subject of leftist communism came up. He noted, I just don’t understand these marxist clods. Marx and Engels are routinely encountered as spirits by religious types. And yet all his followers are oblivious to reality.
I am told the ‘marx spirit’ has despaired and wishes to move on, in search of successors. Nota bene.
(I am not such a person, but I have tried to pave the way for a ‘new Marx’ times 1000 along just these lines) And they better not be jewish. I recommend jews on the left assimilate as fast as they can and create GenJu ‘tribes’ in a new leftist modernism. Soon only their offspring will be able to speak with Gentiles. Look at Israel, who the fuck wants jewish leadership at this point. Gentiles or Genju, the left needs to ‘stick to its guns’, but along the lines of a dialectical modernism (dialectic in my sense), and yet move in the realms of Xtian, Moslem and Buddhist mentations and beliefs, and much else, without the lure of superstition but also without the mindset of the Iron Cage. etc…

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