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The cherub Marx is flapping his wings to fly away, bye bye marxists…

April 12th, 2015 · No Comments


It must strike older marxists as loony to talk of the spirits of Marx/Engels and their spiritual refuge in the future of their movement. But I think that is simply the oldfashioned standard: crude materialism has misled modern minds.
And I don’t know if it is true, but I am told that the spirit of Marx isn’t going to endure a replay of the second internationale turning into Stalinism. Time to move on. Such figures get temporarily frozen as astral images somehere in a scenery like that of Alice in Wonderland. But the better option of reincarnation reemerges and they spiral back down into ordinary life to start over in a new life series. We have no handle on how this works. But I think it is the same framework minus the the millennium of galoop that we see in the ‘redemptive religions’, like Xtianity.
This movement actually had better leadership: dozens of parallel visionaries, preachers, gnostics and more, in a vision of a hyparchic future of the saints leading the temporal lowball churches. It was chaos, but it muddled through and generated a baseline of thriving converts who loved the chance to have a spiritual path. This is NOT a case for imitation. For all I know the new atheists are garbage collectors sent to force us to drop the past and do something new. In any case modern materialism cut off its spiritual connection, maybe a daring experiment on its own, and the results didn’t work. We see that now. And the next round could be worse, without the figure of Marx, about Engels I am not sure. Nota bene: Marx isn’t holding your back anymore. Instead some atrocious demon licking its chops at the potential for mass murder is going to seep in, finish off Engels and make the whole game of a feast of devils.

That’s the catch of materialist movements. They move blind through very dangerous terrain by choice.
In any case, unless the marxist left shows some way to turn itself around soon these figures are going to ditch their creation. Who wants to sit outside your own creation and see it turn into Stalinism? They won’t sit through a second version, that’s for sure.

I am not prone to dosing the hoary world of marxism with superstitious new age junk. Disregard the above. But you are on your own, you figure it out. First attempt, strike one. At some point they just say, out of the way and shoot you. Time is short.

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