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Marx the astral Xtian

April 23rd, 2015 · No Comments

Munserian Xtianity

The category of Munzerian Xtianity, next to the idea of a virtual church in Last and First Men (Preface) is a floating category open to immediate discharge of the Cancel option, etc… (clever).

The point is that traditional Xtianity is a coopted religion with a revolutionary potential. Modern Protestantism via the Reformation, almost unbelievably, reinvented that revolutionary impulse in Munzer with Luther somewhat less so in his ‘revolution’ against Rome.

The issue of Xtianity is passing rapidly but we fail to notice that the cycle of epochs dosed Xtianity with a future for the new era. Macro history gave Xtianity a last fillup in the early modern gas station. And it has proven a strong fighter in the democratic revolution, abolition, and progressive causes. It is thus very unfair to claim that atheism is equal to secularism. That kind of semantic aggression has befuddled all discussion. We may find reasons to leave Xtianity but we can’t make religion non-secular without taking away freedom of speech. And Xtianity has a potential that groups like the new atheists can’t manage. But it has all become a muddle at this point. And the attempt to mix in Ayn Rand into a Prosperity Gospel (a financial racket in any case) is coming to the last stage of decomposition.

Here a super-radical Xtianity can lead modernists still in the religious fold into a new pilgrimage into the future. A revolutionary perspective can help to realize that Xtianity has no future on the old capitalist societies. It assisted the viewpoints of the early modern period in taking a realistic stance on issues of economics and this catapulted it into a capitalist society. But its days were numbered with that strategy. The pledge of a new Xtianity to create a new secular future can help to give Xtianity the future it was promised in the Reformation.

I think at this point the question of theology is going out the window. My father was a Protestant minister constantly reiterating the profundity of Tillich and advising me as to the courage to be. With college level Nietzschean superiority complexes I used to make polite fun of his ‘religion’. Twenty years later it struck me as a ton of bricks that he was the world’s cleverest disguise of a new atheist, and perfectly sincere and ‘Xtian minded’ to boot: understood ‘god’ in a new and secular way. Fooled me for years, never saw it coming. That was a superior gambit. The question of theology was crucial for early Xtianity, but now we have the ‘modern options’. The main option to many is simply to drop religion. But we can see that this stance is actually even worse because under every Xtian toadstool was a gnostic piece of candy and this gave Xtians a gateway into a large perspective. The stance of scientism will be worse in that respect.
The new atheists are stuck in a system that in the name of negating god forces us into darwinian idiocy, the abolition of buddhism, an atheist religion, and the suspicion rises that this is still another social strategy of domination.

The Munzerian idea is thus simply a way to put perspective on antiquity and then modernity. You take this on any level from a church to a Mickey Mouse watch singing Amazing Grace.

I noted already the way new agers have contacted the spirit of Marx. There is more: Marx is an Xtian fan now, to the wonder of Engels, and I suspect my Munzerian gambit is astral inspiration. This could be hallucination, but its core point is apt. We need a large spectrum of ideas to bring so many different tribes into the era of postcapitalism.
In any case, the traditional churches will fight a communist idea. It is extremely helpful to note that one of the first Protestant churches was proto-communist. We need never be on the defensive as to religion on the left. The issue of fanatic theism/atheism is running its course, but the end of all that is near.

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