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The naivete of the new atheists

April 23rd, 2015 · No Comments


People in the new age movement are desperate to resolve the issues of occult crime to ensure the safety and integrity of sufism, yoga, and buddhism. But they are losing the battle.
Now the new atheists what to destroy all religion. But they destroy everything except the gangsters games, which are easily adapted to a religion like the new atheism. The stance of new atheist ejects from the entire tradition of spiritual knowledge. That leaves new atheists about as vulnerable as passenger pidgeons in the 1890’s.

What is needed is skepticism, yes, but also a larger field of study and understanding. The new atheists are focused on the ‘god’ issue, but, despite the obsessive focus in the devout, it is a very limited issue, if only because it is incoherent and can’t suffer discussion. The larger world of spiritual subjects remains, and this the new atheists. And destroying religion causes a stampede into occultism.

The average Xtian is already sucker enough. After the finishing touches of scientism he will be an exceptionally self-enclosed moron, winner of the Galaxy first prize for dumbest life form.

Negating ‘god’ is a cover for keeping the public stupid with a small amount of spiritual knowledge reduced to zero.

A culture degenerating into a mass warfare of amateur Crowleyans is going to be so hopeless that even the CIA will pile on (done so already) a Stalinist regime will take over to liquidate all such people. Look at Yahoo: email groups with thousands upon thousands of students of magic.

For what it is worth you cannot become knowledgeable in magic using crowley. His works are perfumed shit. On top of this the world of feminism is beginning to covertly claim the right to ‘witchcraft’.

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