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Religion in decline vs the failure of humanism

April 25th, 2015 · 1 Comment


Submitted on 2015/04/25 at 7:08 am | In reply to NK.
Such criticisms were arriving already in the sixties. But the confusions of legacy theology are hardly better
Nor can atheism resolve the confusion.
In any case I am not trying to reinvent theology, but to show a streamlined path bypassing the idiocy of the new atheism
Mainstream theology is so confused that almost anything seems better. The passage through the ‘god as being’ thicket is an ancient one no doubt.
In the round trip (weekly) between theism and atheism new conceptions of divinity rise and fall (daily)
Atheism doesn’t resolve the issues

Submitted on 2015/04/24 at 1:22 pm
Mainstream Xtians aren’t going to accept Tillich that easily:

The failure of secular atheism to produce a realizable postreligion is forcing people to ask what is wrong here: my answer has been that modernity is a complicated dialectical balance and was started via the Reformation. We try to move beyond Xtianity but end up in a muddle of scientism. We move back to look again through Xtian thinking, and then that is problematical.

But on the whole religious philosophies have elements that dogmatic scientism cannot stomach. So it goes back and forth. I think (I am sick of saying it) that Kant exposed the problems here and we are always stuck in one of his metaphysical situations. Kant is ironically the ‘non-theologian’ by default for modernity. He exposes religious metaphysics, but then does the same for raw empiricism.
We don’t have to follow Tillich to see that German Classical philosophy has been one through point for floundering religion.
It is easy to critique Tillich but the attempt to tear him to pieces as an atheist in disguise wasn’t really the answer either.
Somebody sat down and tried to bring Xtianity into the mode of modernity.

My real question here is the status of viewpoints on the radical left. We can debunk Xtianity but the basic viewpoint of marxists isn’t very helpful at this point either. The whole situation is in free fall. And I am warning the left not to dawdle. Whatever you do, don’t run in place. The marxist canon will simply free potential leftists into stubborn refusal when they might have been willing communists. It is not clear how to proceed.

There is of course my WHEE whose viewpoint transcends sacred and secular. It is important for marxist to simply drop their baloney texts on the evolution of religion. It is useless stuff.
In any case, since I am not religious myself, the problem of mediating a common language is in some ways a little simpler.

In any case the total spectrum of views of the early modern to the nineteenth century is vast and a possible antidote as such to reductionist Iron Cage logic.

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  • 1 NK // Apr 25, 2015 at 8:51 pm

    You and I know the way forward here, but the problem is these viewpoints are far too subtle for the average person; you can’t create a populist movement from this very easily. Let’s face it…very few people are truly intelligent. I must have overheard 10 conversations today about Bruce Jenner; the majority of people (especially Americans) can’t grasp anything except intellectual junk food.

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