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The case for Xtianity: the catastrophic decline of roman populations into barbarism: viz. the roman games…

April 26th, 2015 · No Comments

The point of these dwelling thoughts on Xtianity, instead of simply giving up and going buddhist, is that a great social change began under Xtianity and this tackled the real hard task of transforming a population so degenerated into addicted over death sports in the Roman arenas. The starting point was something horrific.
The signals are coming now of a new and related successor in the context of modernity slipping away into madness. The ‘help’ is already there in what Bennett called the hyparchic future. We have to troubleshoot frozen theologies to get in tune. And this may require a new post-Xtianity radically different from what we know. Another thing most postreligious types forget is the issue of soul and the opportunity of members of homo sapiens to complete their spiritual evolution as they enter the species definition. That phase is almost over, but it seems now to be moving into new phase.
A new epoch in world history is starting to both erode and remake the core complex of entities like Xtianity. These kinds of transformations are not yet open to voluntary manipulation.

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