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Jews/xtians, xtian communism and the significance of the obsolescing distinction

April 29th, 2015 · No Comments

the question arises, what about the division of jews and xtians here in the idea of a new church?
One thing is sure, the idea of an xtian church would be wrecked immediately by the division of jews and xtians.
I am reminded of the point in the movie, Tora Tora Tora, when the operators of the first radar system at Pearl Harbor detect something and call it in: ‘Don’t worry about it’ is the response. Ten minutes later the bombing starts.
Don’t worry about it. Our idea is a moving abstraction in any case.

Actually in a gedanken experiment this is just the kind of irrelevant question that might be worth examining, in the abstract.
If a generalized Xtian communist movement ever arose, jews would leap at the chance to join.
I think the issue, in fact, would be irrelevant. Recall, against the trend toward universalization that would eliminate this problem we have regressed to an Axial Age category on the grounds that it has a potential upgrade into a new era.
The problem of jews and xtians would fade very fast. I have answered this before actually: we have four categories: muslim-sufi, generalized ‘buddhist’, xtian, etc…, a fourth category, the ‘secular’ container of all of the above, with the additional context of the multiple rich categories of the ‘modern’ that will at some point absorb these transient vehicles seeking the future.
But we found the universalization to be too reductionist: historical materialism, determinism, economic determination. These were actually worse than religion at its most extravagant.
The general categories and history of Xtianity deserve close study because they contain a corpus of gnostic constructs that served for better or worse for centuries as a religious language that addressed the issues at hand, from belief, morality, sin, redemption, forgiveness, etc, what I called the ‘doctrine of the schlemiels’, etc…
Modern man could upgrade this and subject it to rationalization, instead, in marxism we have a reductionist category that can’t even refer to the ‘will’.
I think this is reason that time in its wisdom gives us a temporary transient via the Reformation, called Protestantism. Secularists, so-called, try to crate a larger movement, but Xtianity now has 12 million members in China. The modern transition, take a close look, actually seeded this.

I think in fact that Xtian theology would be hard to repair and upgrade, but the key point is that man has an evolutionary psychology consisting of a soul, a will, an instrument of varying consciousness, and a sense of the ethical. Note the abuse cast on religious theology but the framework at least has all the pieces where reductionist science is totally empty of anything, plus an evolutionary theory that is almost useless, darwinism.

In any case, the realization, likely or not, points to the simple exercise of examining an abstraction, and then hitting ‘Cancel’.
The issue here is the archaeology of the religions of the will and of being, Xtianity, say, and buddhism, will and being reps. We look down on Xtianity, but it contains an elusive legacy of something now lost, but with the language in place of the ‘will’ of man, and its pilgrimage.

Actually the curveball about jews and Xtians is another problem to contemplate in the examination of world religions. The humanists are learning from their mistakes, but they often seem to be primitive rather than advanced or ‘modern’. This puzzle came first with the early marxists. It is a transient liability of bootstrap scientism that can’t replicate the higher properties as yet of man as man and the result, nicely predicted by Mary Shelley, is the extended Frankenstein movie we are living through in terms of ‘bits and pieces’ patched together as ‘science’ of man. So far it is Xtianity 1, scientism 0, but the last innings are still far off.
In any case the early modern produced no reformation of judaism. The reason is obvious, taken in the large: early Israelitism generates the platform for a world religion, then morphs into a parallel judaism, which in turn seems to turn into an evolutionary experiment. At the dawn of modernity xtians moving into secularism are confronted with the hint to upgrade its population basis, and this is still in the wings as confused issues of eugenics and darwinism wreck the idea, which may still find a viable outcome in a more intelligent future.
So jews to a large extent are simply rerouted into secular culture where the seem especially adapted.


We already have a comprehensive solution to the jewish question: http://darwiniana.com/2014/10/03/sam-harris-an-antisemitic-slap-in-the-face/ We can put the finishing touches on the solution: jews are smart people, we can consider some pogrom time outs where jews can act as consultants.

I have long advocated my own comprehensive solution to the ‘jewish’ question…the gist: instead of all those nasty antisemties apply a ‘buddhist pogrom’, historical termination in ‘meditation camps’, very different from concentration camps. Much better, leads to termination of the rounds of rebirth. Failing that, we go to plan B: if jewish history is really that of a breeding experiment, then Adolf got it really really wrong. We go to Plan B here, jews taken prisoner and used for sex. More compassionate. Perhaps Harris’ waking up cult is an attempt to forestall the ‘buddhist pogrom’. Not for long.

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