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Entry to spontaneous self-evolution and the question of macroevolution

April 29th, 2015 · No Comments

Last and First Men raises the issue of human self-evolution, and the last post somewhat jauntily raised the issue of rational eugenics. But everything suggests we are not yet ready for large-scale self-evolution as ‘socially induced evolution’, subject to bureaucracy, no definition of man, and a prior fiasco in the legacy of the Holocaust.
We cannot yet tinker with man, but we can see already that outside social radar the issue of IQ is generating its own spontaneous underground evolution movement. Maybe we should just look the other way here: all attempts even at commentary are going to be according to Darwinism and this is about microevolution, not the macroevolution of man as a species. It is not yet clear to scientific research groups that there is a difference here or that the overall properties of the human species are still unknown to science. But at some point the business world, for example,is likely to hijack this issue to manufacture a new working class. So we must be guerilla geneticists in search of the real definition of the human genetic being. If that is possible. There many be a component to man that is beyond genetics. We aren’t even at first base here as yet.
We are just on the threshold to either finding a truly rational avenue beyond eugenic calamity or else sitting ducks about to suffer the worst case. The production of monsters. WE need a radical left able to deal with this, and not just from the level of reductionist scientism.

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