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Scientists in ‘sudden death overtime’ (football metaphor)

April 30th, 2015 · No Comments

Scientists remind me of football in sudden death overtime. Scientists make all sorts of assumptions, about soul, for example. The discovery of ‘soul’ in man would cancel two hundred years of psychological research on the spot, in an atmosphere of irate theologians demanding a refund on science, and a chorus of ‘told you so’ that would drive scientists from their labs into the streets in a panic at the onset of science apocalypse. Is this melodramatic? Only slightly. I think that the evolution of man has missed almost the whole of man. Consciousness, language, ethical reasoning, art, creativity, and …god forbid, a ‘soul’. I think we should not get into too much religious indignation here. the negative route of science plodding is the way science works. But for good Kantian reasons that may plod forever—until, who knows, final climate change and lights out on a planetary basis. The issue for man is a primordial superstitious nature since the Paleo of the Paleolithic and the signature of this superstition in all cultures almost without exception (save that of the rise of science, we’ll risk forgiveness on the grounds scientists have good reason to be idiots on the question of soul, neutral research).
Actually no criticism is possible: for good Kantian reasons. But I think the issue is coming to a head. The limits of neuroscience will soon propel science into a new mode, and from there with the assistance of various metaphysical hypotheses a new form of explanation may emerge.

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