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Chomsky and Harris, two of our jewish culture nannies, 9/11 conspiracy deniers, and jewish chauvinists

May 3rd, 2015 · No Comments


This article at Alternet is a bizarre piece. I think Harris is a completely crackpot jewish chauvinist, and Chomsky a closet jewish chauvinist who denies the 9/11 conspiracy because he doesn’t want anyone to find out about the Mossad involvment (assuming the evidence is correct here).

Harris a hypocrite who is really promoting a kind of jewish supremacist take on Xtianity, while blatantly supporting the Israel fiasco. To be against religion at this point would mean being an apponent of jewish culture identity with a recommendation to assimilate. How about it? Harris resembles Freud with his loathing of Xtians and his desire to private religion with a phony science of psychoanalysis. The same impulse animates the jewish new atheists. First let them assimilate, and then take on religion.

Alternet could do the research to figure out the 9/11 conspiracy question. Do it.

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