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Reinventing antisemitism?

May 3rd, 2015 · No Comments

Don’t! But it is being reinvented for you.

We have on the one hand the out of control jewish behavior in Israel and the US and the de facto run of Jewish supremacism, unwitting, deliberate, or both: it is necessary for american gentiles to summon the courage to stand up for their culture, their politics and the criminal behavior of Israel toward the US. This needs non-antisemites, and it needs the courage of such to displace antisemites in this range of endeavors.
Jewish domination is a mysterious pathology. Over at The Gurdjieff Con we have discussed the attack on Gentile students of sufism by jewish occultists. At that point you have to realize that you are either licked, and de facto dead, or learn to stand up against the whole jewish game that is, in any case, starting to self-destruct. Trying to dominate sufism is a bit much, no?
You have a choice, lickspittle to jewish compulsive domination, or standing up for sanity on the ‘jewish question’.

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