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The answer to Hawking: a transition to postcapitalism

May 3rd, 2015 · No Comments

Hawking may be on to something, and yet I find it hard to believe the human predicament can’t be turned around. The issue is really capitalism. And I don’t think, despite movies like Avatar, that capitalist expansion into outer space is going to be viable.
The resolution of planetary destruction has to be via a postcapitalist system, a neo-communism that can resolve the failures of the bolshevik brand. The bolshevik brand was the result of stupid people and Marx’s limited vision created by the positivism of the nineteenth century. It would be easy to repair marxism, but is there a will to do so? Is there even a marxist movement not controlled by the CIA?
We need to start over, the core of old marxism being a perfectly good starting point, with a new critique of economics, and new stance on historical anthropology, economic history, and the history and reality of religion. We have suggested a four pronged ‘buddhist’, Xtian, Islamic, ‘secular’ superset, approach to the ‘dialectical complex’ of philosophic/religious views. The Second Internationale comes off as a group of retards suffering from dietary kwashiokor, physical and mental.
A new communism needs a new secularism (with its new stance on religion), a new definition of communism (the abolition of private property is not negotiable), and new stance on human rights, a model of postcapitalist economy and a new science that is not dominated by the stupidity that we now see, as with the deliberate promotion of a darwinism known to be false. The day of the science idiot has to come to a close, please…
This wouldn’t take a thousand years.

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