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May 7th, 2015 · No Comments

I temporarily took down my posts on the ‘dialectic’, including those discussing Zizek.

Trying to get marxists to drop dialectic is almost like telling Vedantists to drop non-duality. At the same time, there is a good chance dialectical delusions will sabotage leftist thinking. The assertion that dialectic is the source of a theory of revolution, or a method to analyze evolution is a warning that fatal errors lurk in the leftist perspective.

I think that dialectic should be sidelined as a study project and put into a class with the study of mathematical logic, the history of logic, the history of Vedanta and non-duality, and the triad/force conceptions of the Samkhya yogis. The realization that these are aspirations to a future man are useful in throwing out paper models that won’t fly.
The problem is that we cannot as yet arrive at knowledge using dialectic. And as an historical method it is the source of a false view of the dynamics of history.
The entry of dialectic via the later Marx into theory was a mixed blessing. Engels and Marx lived through an age of Hegel, which suddenly vanished into thin air. The persistence of its confusions all the way to a ‘materialist dialectic’ is preventing marxists from studying other methods or avenues to knowledge, at the top of the list, science. Beyond, real non-dual thinking which is very rare, even among Vedantists.
Dialectic leads to wrong theories of how things happen, and becomes a substitute for clarity. There are also, of course, many trivial instances of the use of dialectic, and this confuses the issue.
But in general the nature of reality can’t be analyzed using dialectic because it is a poor cousin of the larger subject of ‘triadic’ rather than ‘dyadic’ systems, leaving the near totality dialectical speculation void.

Man may be evolving to a higher logic, but so far none of the candidates as successors have gotten anywhere, and the dialectic is one more casualty.
The dialectic arises naturally as an activity of self-contradiction and this is often a fruitful form of self-criticism. But the closure on a triad as a mystical post-logic has gotten nowhere.

In any case, one needs something more productive than the current archaeological site.

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