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Aliens in the news…

May 10th, 2015 · 2 Comments

This seems to be the year the aliens will appear…same last year…but the issue won’t go away.
I think that readers of Last and First Men could take a hint, which came to me via certain radical ‘sufis’ that I am guessing made alien contact that occurred long ago (with respect to modernity, ancient civilizations, who knows…).
In think that if you read Bennett’s The Dramatic Universe Vol 4 you will get the same hint that he couldn’t handle: he went from conservative to disguised radical in an eyeblink. Here’s the odd part: new agers anathematize modernity, but Bennett unexpectedly produced a positive model of the rise of the modern as a new era (a bit confused compared to my version in WHEE), and proposed a new era starting in 1848, with, of all things, a positive reference to communism at its birth moment. To me, that’s a dead ringer, but the exact interpretation is unclear.
At least be advised that true spiritual sources can be ultra-radical.
That might not seem very dramatic, but I can infer from that that he was referring, not to aliens, but demiurgic powers, two very different things, or so I assume. Those who now foresee climate calamity might consider that alien visitors and/or demiurgic powers needed no spectacle of climate change disaster to intervene. At the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, the danger started and the alert came on.
Within no time we see the onset of world communism.
Now, I myself don’t interpret my historical model in that fashion. But the suspicion remains that in the wake of the modern transition, something completely different, in the shift to free action from system action (they wouldn’t interfere with the master progression, only in the intervals) given by the model, an outsider can interject something. I have picked up a lot of ‘noise’ about aliens trying to amplify native communism, as in the period 1848.
I have no idea if it is true. And the sufi medium here is not trustworthy. But the core idea is entirely apt and logical: cosmic perceptions of the planet earth,if they exist, would surely have seen the danger coming with the industrial revolution. The game may have played out a hundred times before, and the need to start intervention asap at the down of industrialism seems a logical inference.

Anyway, one point of LFM is a warning that the dreary conservative character of so many religious or new age groups is belied by the existence of ultra-radical spiritual sources unknown to us.
A good example is buddhism, once a revolutionary movement, but from the late medieval period onwards a contracting religious theocracy as in Tibet.
And then again, the near revolutionary character of the Zealots, and the early Christians.

The study of WHEE is useful: there must be a ‘cosmic’ rule to not interfere in the macro sequence due to its ultra subtle character and hyperintelligent sourcing. Most aliens would not be intelligent enough to do that, or to interfere. But in the wake of the macro transformation, the picture alters slightly.

That hyperintelligent sourcing must be in reality some form of computational process of stupendous scope: transformations in relation to the sources of social action on a scale of three centuries over a geographical region is a data problem of stupefying proportions. It couldn’t be done by ‘mere alien tourists’. I would presume it is a form of ‘smart dynamics’, of some kind, with or without ‘help’. It is some mystery at the level of the biosphere. And/or Bennett’s demiurgic powers, which are not the same as aliens.

Man is on his own, but there are points at which an alien encounter could produce relevant commentary, at best. But I really don’t think we are going to be saved by aliens in UFO’s. Please note, if you enter the exam room of students taking a test, and coach the results, you neutralize the whole learning experience.
What some alien or spiritual power can do is amplify a process already underway: e.g. communism’s weakling birth but growing force. But I don’t think such a power would babysit the result.
It is up to man. It is obvious from history that men at the dawn of capitalism weren’t ready for communism. But that is changing rapidly.

A postcapitalist transition is the one thing that is very difficult and that might be the object of alien interest. And we suspect of demiurgic foundation laying. But everything must spring from human action, and the task of a postcapitalist society is a crucial one. You can see from this example how easy it would be to imagine fantasies about aliens. The reality is that ‘intervention’ is not allowed, but that long range macro sequences seeded in the Paleolithic would take their place.

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