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My tactics that of a spoiler

May 12th, 2015 · No Comments

Before we reject Xtianity let us consider if a combination of new atheits, covert agency mind control specialists, and capitalist profit mongers could ever handle the core issues of the human soul. Clearly it is a nightmare scenario. But not the only one.

The issue for the left is to carry the core doctrines of the dignity and autonomy of man into a future technological culture. The reason for our (purely abstract) discussions of Munzerian Xtianity was to point to a way, one founded in modernity, to carry that core into a ‘materialist’ context. It won’t work in any current form.

This is unfair to the public which has inherited a very suitable set of vehicles, from the Reforamtion to the era of Kant and others. Instead we get historical materialism, darwinism, new atheist diatribes against even buddhist enlightenment.

For myself, the right tactic is to publicize the issues: it is very difficult to persist in the use of this technology if the public begins to know about it, that is, in public. I hope my statements can serve to wreck the whole game which has clearly fallen into the hands of psychopaths. This approach will drive people to be wary of esoteric bullshit orgs, spiritual submission dogmas as per guruism, and much else. Core beliefs about the dignity, soul, and autonomy of man can’t be just thrown out the window by hucksters with a few courses in neuroscience.

Here the left has to shape up beyond its positivistic legacy to adopt a robust humanism and/or futuristic theology of man. And it might be just this that will give the left an edge on the future.

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