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MIndfulness confusions seeding a new generation of kids savvy about meditation…

May 14th, 2015 · No Comments

The new atheists have created a view of man and history so debased that religionists are done a great disservice in being undermined by cocky ‘secularists’. We can see that while theologies of ‘god acting in history’ are open to skeptical challenge, the standard forms of historical materialist history are almost worse in their crudity. From the ‘macro’ effect we can see a spectacular play of unknown macrohistorical processes of such scope and subtlety that we are almost at the equivalent threshold of ‘seeing god in history’, save that that won’t work anymore. We are confronted with something that is a challenge to a future understanding beyond current science.

And a new factor emerges from this confusion: we have referred here several times to the hypothesis of ‘demiurgic powers’ (another version of the ‘demiurge’ plural): it can greatly assist in moving away from theistic confusion to consider this hypothesis of beings that exist inside nature in forms still in the realm of science fiction and able to display great material powers of action. This distinction appeared in early monotheism but was always subject to confusions.
We are referring to a potential set of concepts with, as yet, no referent. The problem with the issue of the existence of god is that god can’t exist at all: he must be beyond existence, and that becomes metaphysically incomprehensible. As many theists have always claimed. But the idea of spiritual powers or deminurgic entities existing inside nature and subject to its laws, but able to display the net equivalent of still unknown properties of nature (here’s one speculation: being-bodies of ‘light’ with a full complement of the octave of ‘consciousness’ and able to trigger events in the historical domain, etc…)
We don’t need to believe in these, but it is useful to get out of the rut of ‘god’/creationism and the miraculous that besets ideas of ‘divinity’. This alternate approach can ground this confusion in the form of intelligent hypothesis, if not speculation.
We can see that historical explanation is suddenly blown out of the water by the data of the ‘macro’ effect: we have everything the traditional believe thought of in terms of ‘god acting in history’, save only that we can see that it wasn’t god!
We can see in the age of Star Wars adolescents are moving into this field of speculation and the results, while still infantile, begin to impinge on a new and futuristic form of ‘theology’, if it can be called that.

In general, a new generation in the age of mindfulness expanding into the cultural marketplace is discovering meditation, and the childish minds coached by Stars Wars may not be as superficial as some fear they will be: they will learn very soon that in a world of entities applying the ‘dark side of the force’ (pause as you eat your popcorn) they will have to meditate to the end, as with the battle of Buddha with Mara. There is a good chance that these kids will transform the future of culture in a new and intelligent sense of ‘religion’ (we can throw away the word) that is savvy about the perilous pilgrimage of the…let’s think of a better myth than that of the jedi warriors. That tale is reaching its recycle date. But the core idea has rightly forewarned a myriad of the Star Wars generation of the…no kidding, darker sides of of the Buddha force plus Jesus minus darth vader.

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