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The passing of religion and the failure of science

May 15th, 2015 · No Comments


The issue here is not the passing of Xtianity but the mediocrity of what is given as a succession. It is baffling to try and understand the narrowness of the new atheism and the impoverished substitute offered to those who are trumpeted with the glories of science. The curious reality is that science can’t fill the void, and the attempts to apply science cliches to religious cliches backfires in the tasteless muddle of scientism. Darwinism and sterile pseudoscience are all that we can be offered to replace the millennial odysseys of the great religions.

That is a problem that needs proper understanding. We can see how it arises from the confusing character and diversity of the modern transition which collates many opposites in a magnificent balance but which is too often reduced to a one-sided version by its proponents. Modernity is more than science, has to be one version of this assessment. One of the surprises in the general spread of science culture is how stupid scientists are, and how proud they are of their narrowness. Spinoza is turning over in his grave, “I did not intend this cult of my works’ as the new ideology of modernity.

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