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Time to face reality: the Israel idea is dead

May 15th, 2015 · No Comments


We are at a remarkable cusp on the jewish question. Something about the destruction of Gaza last summer, among other factors, made the whole idea of Israel seem passe, ridiculous, disgusting. The evidence of failure on the part of so many smart jews left a bafflement mixed with nausea.
At some point in future history it might well happen that Israel will disappear (via being abandoned) but until then a better suggestion is for jews themselves to walk away from their dead legacy.
Jews are very condescending to gentiles (and Xtians) but their history looks more and more like a sideshow, and, strangely, a genetic experiment. The strange reality of jewish medievalism is the way ‘it’ stumbled on the secret to the genetics of the Aryans, and the way this was able to create a new population, one that is now interacting with the rest of the Gentile world. Is the point clear? It is a remarkable undercurrent interpretation of the history of the jews. I think jews should forbid themselves the Old Testament and look at the reality of their position. A near horde of smart people unable to accomplish much of anything in the way of cultural advance. Jews are often holding back progress, as with the almost impossible to expose darwin paradigm, rigidly guarded a jewish academic establishment. And so it goes in many fields. All the real advances have to occur with Gentiles lagging twenty points in the IQ nonsense.The reason is that jewish achievements backfire and become a factor of domination rather than a contribution to knowledge. Ordinary academic work, economic activity, science research, etc, exempt themselves from this stricture, but the overall picture is clear and very sad: if a jew makes an creative contribution to general culture it retreats into jewish narrowness, and becomes a source of confusion to the general public. It is time for jews to get the point and move without nostalgia to a post-jewish condition. The recalcitrant remnant, eager to exploit the jewish reality for world power, and Israeli futures, has no future any better than that of Israel, that is to say, a big zero.
We should recall Enistein’s suddenly realization of the problem and his distate for Isreal. We are stuck with it now, but for jews in the main, the choice is stark: piddling achievements in the middle culture chow, and beyond that nothing. Anything more than nothing will be a subtraction from the hopes and future of Gentiles who are beginning to see how they have been swindled.

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