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New atheism and the jewish obsession with destroying xtianity

May 17th, 2015 · No Comments

In all the discussions of religion from the new atheists, many of whom are jewish, we never hear anything about ‘jewishness’ being a religious category. May of these jews in this movement are obsessed with destroying xtianity but retreat into a snobbish jewish identity game that is elusively cosmopolitan and tribal at the same time. One aspect of the problem is the study of Nietzsche who convinced many jews they were superior with a racial path to some kind of ‘overman’ fantasy, one with potentially disturbing overtones. We see the reality in the inability to create a culture of equality in Israel. And here the most fanatic of the new atheists, Sam Harris, is an outright chauvinist. How, in any case, can you get from being against xtianity to being a fanatic for Israel and its project of domination in the middle east.

The solution here is simple, and already underway: getting beyond religion means getting beyond Judaism and jewish culture. The new atheist trumpet the evils of religion: one of the worst was judaic exclusivism and the covenental myth that has wrought havoc over the centuries.

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