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The remarkable sunset of xtianity

May 17th, 2015 · No Comments


We have already pegged the idea of a Munzerian Xtianity as an abstract thought, a gedanken experiment. It could be a practical idea, but in the current moment it is almost more useful to see the idea as a challenge to the decayed remnants of what we call ‘Xtianity’. In Last and First Men, we spoke of the virtual church, and the Cancel button. Shall we cancel our idea of communist xtianity? The cancellation is of a church, one more to haunt society, not of the idea, which can rise to a warning and a mockery: the original idea of modern communism was an xtian idea, a creation of the early modern. This can help us to see how far gone xtianity is. As a religion it is a nullity at his point. I doubt that ‘Christ’ has any part of it anymore. The Reformation placed what was left of xtianity into a future that is still uncreated.
In any case the remnants can help us on the way to a future religion or postreligion. I don’t think there is much spirituality left in this religion. That is the reason for the revulsion in many, such as the new atheists. They may win the argument over religion, but lose the war.
One of the ironies here is that once freed of the trappings of this religion its interior meaning and history stand out as never before, and we can be a witness to its enigmatic history and realization.

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