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Creationism vs dishonest promotion of darwinism

May 18th, 2015 · No Comments


The evolution controversy is hopelessly confused and a good part of the reason is the dishonest promotion of a false darwinian paradigm as a facilitator to scotch creationism. The cruder forms of creationism are understandably the object of concern and a desire to displace or ban its school presence, but the fact remains that what is offered as a substitute is both a flawed paradigm misunderstood by its own proponents and/or a fraud knowingly perpetrated by those who know perfectly well that Darwin’s theory is inadequate, but a useful form of propaganda in the religion/science debate. It is hard to know how to deal with this situation. The defenders of darwinism are completely entrenched, bigoted on all subjects to do with religion, secularism and…evolution.
The discussion could be improved if rank creationism continued to be challenged, with an equal expose of the transparent difficulties with darwinism, and the narrow, confused mindset of completely confused persons like Dawkins. It ought to be possible in a scientific age to point to the flawed theory being promoted by scientists, but apparently it is beyond the realm of the possible. The science community is totally frozen on the evolution question, and tends to equate critiques of darwinism with creationism when the reality is that the Intelligent Design faction, notwithstanding a core religious stance, has produced a detailed set of critiques of standard darwinism.

This is a strangely hopeless and stupid situation, and it casts a very poor light on the reputation of science.

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