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Patience: website under sabotage…

May 20th, 2015 · No Comments

I am almost sure this site is being slo-mo sabotaged. I can’t quite be sure, but the evidence is fairly clear. And one consequence may be slow loading times, or periods of the site looking like it is down. Patience, please! We can make our point in slo-mo also.
There is the issue also of site traffic: the decrease under sabotage is not enough to be sure of what is going on, but just enough to be suspicious, perhaps as a deliberate warning. I have often thought this site was sabotaged, to a lesser degree. It is used to be every time I criticized Israel there was a bump in the loading times, or some minor glitch. Now the tactics are somewhat different. You can guess who is doing this, probably…
Anyway, you haven’t fooled me, guys, too bad…

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