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Kant, the categories and the ‘transcendental deduction’…

May 21st, 2015 · No Comments

I lost my train of thought: Smolin’s direct assault on ‘Plato’ is really a de facto challenge to Kantianism, and as I have pointed out I am not a dogmatic Kantian and can consider this assualt more or less impartially. Best of luck.
Kant’s thinking is actually very difficult, and I have been lucky in entering the Kant world via an indirect route via his essay on history. I have never actually taken a course on Kant at university and am self-taught, and not very well. I adopted the strategy recommended quite often (as with B. Magee) of looking at the ‘Dialectic’ section on metaphysics and thus of bypassing the first two sections of CPR. The issues of space and the transcendental deduction of the categories are an order of magnitude more difficult than most philosophic arguments, although you can google your way to some simple versions online: http://philosophy.stackexchange.com/questions/4526/is-my-understanding-of-the-transcendental-deduction-correct

Schopenhauer simply bypasses all this with the issue of categories reduced to causality.
But Kant’s thinking is a sleeper for modern physics and it is apt that Smolin should summon up a challenge to ‘rid the world of kantian complications…’. Best of luck…I will continue reading his book anon…

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