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The edge of space…

May 25th, 2015 · No Comments

We can continue our discussion of Smolin’s Time Reborn (I am delayed finishing the book) by citing an article on the issues.

But the issue of transcendental idealism is treacherous for any physicist. We can complain as in the review cited of the mathematical barrier to the discussion of basic physics but the fact remains that physics is vulnerable to a set of antinomial perplexities. One of them is, I like you new theory, Mr. Physicist, but what happens at the edge of space in you system? You could say space is infinite but then the problem resolves to the edge of the dimension of that space. If dimensions are infinite then, who knows…noone claims this as far as I know (although QM has a infinite dimensional concept). The point is that the concepts of physics/reality at their core are contradictory. So at the ‘edge of space’ (ha ha) all the Kantian gremlins pour in, and the other half of mostly nothing nowhere is populated with antinomial absurdities.

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