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The New Left Forum?

May 28th, 2015 · No Comments


I feel sad and left out: I can’t afford the New Left Forum, train and entrance fare. That’s my fault (I didn’t learn of the forum until this morning), perhaps, but the sense of being ostracized is frustrating. I had no expectations and thoroughly predicted this. But I think my worries are misplace: Last and First Men has a lot of readers, far more than most books by leftists. It was free online, and a lot of people read it without comment. It is odd, this situation. But the root issue is academic/institutional/leftist rigor mortis as to theory and ideology.

There are a lot issues that cause this ostracism but which the left will have to deal with. I win the arguments, hands down”

the issue of historical materialism, materialism, positivism…
the issue of evolution, darwinism and the damage done to marxism by darwinism
the issue of religion, reformation, and the meaning of secularism
the Axial Age and the issue of meta-history challenging ‘flat history’ marxism
the issue of philosophy: materialism and idealism and the special status of transcendental idealism
the issue of economics, economic theory, classical/neo-classical
the issue of mathematics in economic theory: science and illusion
the problem of dialectic and the nullity of dialectical materialism…

The list goes on. I would venture to say that the left, as it is now is going nowhere. That is in reality obvious. So it is irresponsible for marxists, first, to twiddle their thumbs, and remain in place.
You would think a forum as large as the New Left Forum could be accompanied by a real movement. No such luck. The whole forum will be chitchat, and then returning home.

Last and First Men has been out over a year, and the only response in public, despite huge anonymous readership…was the stealth attacks by Zizek. I was twice sucker punched by Zizek in two books trying to respond to/destroy the critique of historical materialism and such. Check out my Amazon reviews of Zizek’s last two books. It is really a bit much for a leftist ‘rock star’ asshole to behave that way. What to do?

Moral: the left can’t be run by celebrities run by Verso in the profit racket of the one case of success on the left.
I think history suggests the need to break with the older left, and to start with new ideas and organizations. Time is running out.

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