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Evolution a hold out on science

May 29th, 2015 · No Comments


It is strange but hard to avoid the conclusion that science method is able to catch pseudo-science flu, the principle case being the theory of evolution. The term ‘science’ is insufficient to guide thinking because its successes are restricted to low-ball physics and its cloud of related subjects. But it was clear already by the eighteenth century that this program was too simplistic. Figures like Kant actually reinvented biology as a new and different subject in the school of the teleomechanists. Part of the problem is the training of physicists who become adept at getting answers using the crutch of mathematics. But with biology this strategy won’t work. Every step is invocation of the new and surprising. But biochemical life has yielded to science. However, evolution is still a hold out. If you examine WHEE’s approach you can see why.

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