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Two cheers for utopian socialism…

May 29th, 2015 · No Comments


It seems to me that something has been lost in the critique of utopian socialism. The banishment of the first sources of inspiration for socialism has become the equivalent ‘sour puss’ Iron Cagery. Grim science, and derivations without any allowance for values, the whole sociological cement block approach using scientism, darwinism, reductionism and then, outlandishly, the dialectic.

The early inspiration might have shown naivete, but we must be able to do what the critique of utopian socialism forbade: the attempts to construct ‘ideal’ models. The idea that gained footing was that we can’t dream our way to socialism. I agree. But we can’t expect the iron laws of history to lead there either. We might think economic systems like capitalism will proceed to their final self-refutation, and they have done so, but this hasn’t shown the slightest potential of moving to transcend itself. The endgame of capitalism will go on endlessly until the planet is effectively terminated. It is not moving to an endstate. We must, with the descendants of the ‘utopian socialism’ construct the next stage for dumb nature, dumb economy, and, hold your breath, dumb capitalists.
The case that capitalists are dumb? The climate change debate makes the point obvious and it is a shock because the smarts of making big bucks can’t grasp that climate change is a real issue. The hold of ideology is so great the madmen (same as the Mad Men in the movie) can’t grasp the obvious. Dystopian capitalism must be replaced by historical free agents with utopian socialist scratchpad work, followed by new models of economy, law, globalization and united nations, etc… The charge of ‘utopian’ passes to the capitalist themselves, whose source views are unrealistic.

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