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Hedges on Marx

June 2nd, 2015 · No Comments


Having posed the question of (communist) ‘Munzerian’ Xtianity on the far left I am delighted to see Hedges move in this direction. If you don’t like such a label, skip it, but it can be taken in the spirit of baseball caps with logos to remind us that the first ‘communist’ movement of modern times was in the sixteenth century Xtian reformation??!

Socialism, in other words, would not be possible until capitalism had exhausted its potential for further development. That the end is coming is hard now to dispute, although one would be foolish to predict when. We are called to study Marx to be ready.

Marx here shows the one way his thinking is open to challenge, but Hedges deftly endruns it: we don’t have to wait to capitalism exhausts its potential. But Hedges makes the claim that we are already there. In my opinion he is right, but if you aren’t sure if capitalists will agree, go see Avatar, the movie, to consider the daydream claims that capitalism hasn’t exhausted itself. They want to despoil the whole solar system first. Nein to nope!! In the final analysis the grounds for postcapitalism were, from the start, the injunction to do industrialization right, with something better than capitalism unchecked. Marx/Engels obviously wavered between two insights and some history here might be helpful.

To me, as one example, the issue of communism is related to the issue of primitive accumulation: the boundary legality of capitalist depradation taking from the commons to create private property, etc…This is an issue can’t finally mediate or delay: the demands are as primordial as primitive accumulation.

In any case Hedges nicely pegs the crisis we face… good show…

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