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Symmetry of liberal/democratic and communist post-liberalism

June 3rd, 2015 · No Comments

Last and First Men
The left is stalled because marxists are stalled: the hope continues that marxism in its current form will animate a leftist public. But that won’t happen in the current state of ideological closure. The concept of communism can coexist with a dozen variants of a marxist upgrade, but not the classic version. The same goes for Leninism.

I think it would help, pace the discussion in Last and First Men to see communism as a democratic revolution without capitalism. The legacy of marxism has been to throw out the whole liberal tradition in the name of communism. That was understandable but we see now the mistake. The communist revolution needs to be a democratic revolution in a new form, one that frees the democratic fundamentals from bourgeois control. Sounds obvious, but the current set up is a chorus of handwringers trying to foment revolution. If the latter ever occurred the ‘tough guys’ would eliminate the handwringers in the name of overthrowing liberalism.

In any case, the time is growing short even as deadbeat marxism continues with let up… The response of the general public should be like that, at the least, for general leftist websites, viz. commondreams/alternet/counterpunch.
But readers of these sites see no connection with a radical left or revolutionary stance. The abnormal state of the left enforces this…

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