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Beyond religion to the spiritual

June 8th, 2015 · No Comments


Xtianity is sliding into oblivion, and Islam will follow in due course. This situation is wrongly analyzed by so-called secular humanists. If you move beyond a religion that is not the same as negating the spiritual. The spiritual for many has always been something that transcended religion. So the point here is that if you leave religion then you really should study the ground of spirituality beyond religion. To simply convert to the cult of scientism, atheism, darwinism, etc, is a poor substitute. It is hard to see how such narrow thinking takes to the fore. The reason we always suspect in such cases is a hidden promotional factor. Powerful forces may well be pushing the new atheism. But, in any case, the question of theism/atheism is a barren quagmire at the gateway to a real study of spirituality.

The idea for a radical xtian church along the lines of the Reformation classic, Thomas Munzer, is a ‘flourish’ at the sunset of monotheism and a reminder that the Reformation actually created forms of xtianity that can meet the future. But the path to the future will be via the greater synthesis of modernity and I think that xtian churches are getting to be self-enclosed in a theology that is suffering from its baroque trappings.
The real task of xtianity was its challenge to the Roman empire and slavery. In a similar way a ‘Munzerian church’ as a prophecy of a future left communism is a similar challenge to the closure of modernity around capitalism. The ominous stranglehold of capitalism on global culture is starting to look like a tragedy in motion, and we can see that the place of radical xtianity is to transcend itself and attempt its own synthesis of postcapitalist religion, and to lead the churches out of their Reformation compromise with capitalism. Capitalism has poisoned modern xtiaity and the path beyond needs to be charted with the latent prophecy of Thomas Munzer of a church that was based on something more than ‘holy profits’.

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