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The idea of a Munzerian church: is an ‘atheist’ xtianity possible/ ?

June 9th, 2015 · No Comments


answer…depends on what you mean by atheism, ditto depends on what you mean by theism….

My point is that conventional theism is so confused that movements like secular humanism have the advantage in the long run, this despite the mirror image confusion of their ‘atheism’.

Our ‘edge of space’ discussion in the posts linked above show how the antinomial character of both physics and theology alternate their mutual absurdities in the Kantian sense. Religion can at best achieve a stalemate. But with the mythological theism of the mainline history the battle is lost…

Our idea of a Munzerian church is just that, an idea, and a useful reminder that conservative Xtianity dominated by capitalist ideology is going to destroy the whole religion, and is in the gun sights of some hefty spiritual heavyweights.

The idea of a Munzerian communist church could help as an abstraction to grasp the wreckage of conventional xtianity, and the last chance for xtianity as a radical movement of the future….

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