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The danger of intellectual contamination from association with scientists…

June 10th, 2015 · No Comments

Looking over the Darwin debate it is remarkable that association with scientists can be fatal to understanding and the gateway to ideological deception. Consider the spectrum of physicists: highly trained, highly intelligent, able to discourse on the obscurities of physics, but almost to a man either confused or lying on the subject of darwinism. Is this mental confusion or deception? Figures like Stuart Kauffman have been clear for decades that darwinian natural selection was a problem and as he is exempt from the usual blackballing and academic exile, I would say that by and large physicists must be aware of the conscious deception involved.
A classic case if Stephen J. Gould, who conceived a fascinating idea complex for biology in the idea of ‘punctuated equilibrium’ and then in a baffling manner made the idea conform with darwinism. Any scientist aware of basic statistic has to be aware somehow that Fred Hoyle’s critique, if they have heard of it, of natural selection is fatal. But the dense fog continues…

To study evolution then you need to be wary of what materials you study and to consider the grounds for ‘uncontaminated’ study guides.

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