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Mindboggling chutzpah

June 12th, 2015 · No Comments

The issue of communism is still a hard sell even on the ‘middle left’: liberal to almost marxist. That’s understandable, but one of the reasons I wrote Last and First Men was to point out the way that the core ideas of the old left are resurfacing, if only they can get a fresh rendering. We have seen the theory on the right start to nosedive as neoliberalism in action exposes the reality. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPJWwiKnYGs: Hayek looks like a neanderthal now, not that the left ever took him seriously, but such thinkers did put most of the potential supporters of the left on the defensive.
Now the situation is different: after the crisis of 2008, something changed that even the current recovery can’t conceal. The system, just like the early critics like Marx warned, is a monstrosity that could destroy a planet and now can’t even preserve the small gains of a middle class. And the Progressive option, even if it revives, which it should, marxism or not, is clearly not up to a system cancerating to what we see in the TPP. The latter’s mindboggling chutzpah, giving capital the right to sue environmentalists against the potential of future profits, shows the determination to erase from capitalism’s actual legacy even a small contribution to real culture as economic prosperity for all. The shibboleths of capitalism have become absolute, far beyond the measured axioms of Adam Smith. It is always a sign the end is coming when extremists as we see in the TPP come to the fore. The only option is a revolutionary solution. The other option is ‘yer dead’…Makes one think of the classic line in Heart of Darkness: Mistah Kurtz, he dead…

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