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The lurking reality of teleology in evolution

June 12th, 2015 · No Comments


It is all very well to say that darwinism isn’t the full story, but what is then given as supplemental is not enough. We can’t simply annex neutral drift and declare darwinism transcended. This won’t fool creationists and it won’t fool me.

I think we should demand a postdarwinian theory really consider the issue of the teleomechanists at the dawn of biology. The issue of ‘teleology’ (or directionality) won’t go away and its entry into biology seems required to understand how life to hominid arose and developed. This idea fails to produce an intuitive representation, but we have suggested (a la our stream and sequence argument) that this is misleading: evolution operates on different levels. One of those concealed behind the relatively random appearance is the unfolding blueprint of directed evolution…

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