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Islam, modernization, and the writing on the wall…WHEE devotes one paragraph to Islam: time to think one’s way past moslem obsessions…

June 13th, 2015 · No Comments

The issue of reformations in Islam is a good idea/bad idea and is likely to end in confusion. If you study the ‘macro effect’ in WHEE you see that the Reformation is a macro process, while it would now be a micro process.
More clearly: Islam will not produce the result through imitation of the Reformation. I think at this point the process that is needed is already underway. But, despite the confusions of so-called secularists, the inexorable logic of challenge to religious legacies proceeds apace. This is not the same as challenging religion.
But time is running out. It is five centuries since the onset of the modern transition. The whole process of ‘new age renewal’ could suddenly become more savage and start destroying legacy civilizations…sound familiar?
The american imperialists have somehow become the hidden destroyers of Islamic civilization. Look at Turkey: it managed what was needed, and is now in some regressive mode.
Islamic cultures should generate people with the realism to see that Islam will turn into a lost cause. Who cares anymore? The flood of debunk jobs has been unfair, but its action is not possible to stop.
So the Reformation idea will simply generate a rapid transition to simply ‘abandon ship’. Moslems themselves will decide the issue, and are starting to simply walk away from Islam.
I have referenced sufis as possible guides to a new future, but that movement is mostly (in my case) a fantasy of long departed whats_?. I must reflect that I have never met an honest sufi and all the sufis I met were atrocious occult psychos, cannibals, shifty-eyed, ‘biggest bums in spiritual history’, to quote myself, etc…I will spare you further praise. They wouldn’t be of any help in the guidance of a civilization. Look at Gurdjieff: he had a ton of methods of meditation but his social view was so reactionary he sabotaged his own movement. In general I couldn’t expect anything from sufis. Something that could have generated a new modern Islamic world is long gone now.
Sit down and create a triangulation of the early modern: reformation, science, political revolution, democracy, socialism, communism, aboltionism, german classical philosophy, revolutions up to the French, etc…::http://history-and-evolution.com/whee4th/chap6_1_1.htm: Reformation to Revolution. A short list.
Fiddling with a reformation won’t help much. But you don’t have to become atheist materialists. Look at the center of gravity of the modern transition. It was closer to theism than atheism. Sideline the god question. It is a distraction.
There is no option other than attempting to study/apply modernity like everyone else.
The foundation is a social (revolutionary) movement that can organize against the american imperialism and israeli psychos. Look at jihadism: it misses the point. The energy for modernization goes down the drain pipe into neo-Islamic ideology. Drop it. Islam is a lost cause, but will, if wrested from obsession, serve fine as a backdrop to modernization in the same way as the Xtian backdrop of same… Modernization with Islamic flavor…

Sit down with WHEE: Islam gets one paragraph: http://history-and-evolution.com/whee4th/chap5_4_2.htm

One paragraph! That’s not bias but a crisis of pages and book length: the topic of the book is the set of ‘macro transitions’: Islam is a ‘mideonic religious re-start’ from the start of the Dark Ages. It is simple ‘history’ in the trick sense of the word.
At this point it has no further future in the world system, and Isis and jihadism can’t change that…There is no reason it can’t persist as a backdrop to a new future, however… Virtually all the cases of modern transition did not try to uproot xtianity: they simply grafted modernity onto the legacy of past religion.

Again, look at Iran: in 1953 it was on the way to modernization plus…So what happened, the CIA and the oil predators…The issue isn’t modernization which moslems understand fine, it is the need for self-defense…

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