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An Islamic neo-communist movement to use Saudi money for a general integration/economic revolution in the Middle East…

June 14th, 2015 · No Comments

Note: people are still confused about capitalism vs communism, given the latter’s failures, and the former’s successes: the point for the middle east is that it will never develop under capitalism. First,the game has shifted to monopoly capital and its circle and that means now that world production is simply a function of convenience and has no connection with local needs. Most of world production can be done in one province of China, shifting promptly to follow cheap labor, with no intention of equal globalization. The middle east will always be de-developed as long as the oil last, and moslem countries are being used to stage a permanent war economy… so markets are going to work: a new middle ground variant is needed that starts first with a revolutionary anti-imperialist self-defense movement.


I am starting to shift in my thinking on Islam, theism/atheism, and modernization. I think it is getting pointless to press the charge of Islamophobia against critics. The new atheists are genuinely cockeyed here. But the demesmerization of religion (and it is not a question of atheism) is inevitable. And time is running out here.
I read that Saudi Arabia is thinking of creating an atomic weapon. Please. The mere idea is strong evidence of terminal moronic idiocy. This is an attempt to seem smart when the whole idea is useless. The issue of the smarts to create atomic weapons has created a ludicrous distraction. Einstein was an idiot, by his own confession…

Saudi Arabia has shown a new and higher form of absolute stupidity: they have squandered the greatest source of wealth and opportunity one can imagine. I will certainly concede they have had a lot of help from the American hyenas trying to keep them stupid while the oil wealth lasts. But the reality is that everything the Arab/Islamic world needed to produce modern societies has been squandered. (The movie Syriana has a short take on this). It is almost beyond belief. Hiring expatriates is not as such the issue, as long as this isn’t a cultural cop out or concession to traditionalism. The more the merrier if… a big IFF here, no doubt…

Impossible? This movement they have already created in its moronic nadir in the Isis movement and this proves (if we could get the stealth operatives straight here) it is more than possible. Isis? We have complained several times here that all the energy, men, and money required for a genuine revolutionary movement of the type described here. Study this abortion called Isis, and ask how this could have been remorphed into the kind of disciplined revolutionary movement that could have unified the Arab states, proposed a transitional economic system to reach neo-communism, and produced a resolution of its Islamic religious legacies. The middle east is almost at the point that the obsession of religion will fall away. So this is not unrealistic. But a blend created by a huddle of sufis (find the super-radicals in hiding) and marxists open to self-criticism and historical review of their own subject could create such a movement.

The way to have spent that money could find a thousand good kibitzers, but I would propose an at first strange version: financing a neo-communist/transitional postcapitalist movement toward a society of the future. Finance an intelligent up-to-date liberal-to-communist revolutionary movement with an economic plan, and a revolutionary initiative to reform, modernize and develop the Middle East via an new integrated federation of states than can defend itself against the US and Israel and destructive globalization/capitalism.

Don’t say the Saudi wealth couldn’t have done this. They are the one people who had the resources to do something on this scale, in the process sending the US packing (and surviving the many coup attempts inevitable here) and creating an autonomous people who can deal with imperialism, and its really toxic brand from the Israelis.

We have watched the US at Israeli bidding invade/destroy Iraq while Saudi lickspittles stood by in their conservative idiocy to do…nothing…

The obvious issue is that middle eastern politics is dominated by morons too moronic to do anything except be dictators.
And there can be no question but that the economic/political tactic spectrum of the western left is hard enough for them, harder still to adapt to an Islamic culture. But as in my Last and First Men, we can foresee and actually start on an upgrade of marxism that can adapt to the culture of the Islamic/Arab world.

In fact, the Nasser era already tried this and failed. But the question is one of a new and better brand of socialist thinking, better economic models and a more general maturity that is coming with the ‘end of history/capitalism’ era. All too obviously the Stalinist hangover tempted leftists to stick with pure dictatorships. But a real neo-communism must both overthrow and realize its liberal legacy. And the economic question is maturing now. The arguments for markets are running out of gas. This means something hard even for westerners who have lived through liberal/left revolutions. But the solution must be found, and the concession that the first attempts failed.

All that money down the tubes: Saudi Arabia needs to wean itself from stupid politicians, monarchic idiots, theological stupidity, and reactionary mentalities,and the squandering of monies. That requires a revolution done right. Which means a guillotine in the public square to stage the liquidation a la the French royalty of the truly exceptional idiots running that non-country.

Again, this was always possible. But the immense treasure is almost gone, and the Saudis are going to wake up to one of world histories greatest horrors, after the American squandering of their own opportunity in imperialism, capitalist superidiocy, and the rest of it. America’s wealth spree is also coming to an end, and we shall see what comes next…

One of the issues crippling globalization for many is the issue of intelligence. These moronic IQ tests have crippled the self-confidence of billions, and served to enclose whole peoples in the decisions to underdevelop by those who imagine themselves smart. Unfortunately economic averages and developmental statistics tend to reflect even small differences in this type of measure. That’s unfortunate but misleading. Because a closer look shows something different and the need to ditch these tests which are really a form of class warfare. But people stealthily google the question of natioanal IQ statistics and come up with Oh my gosh it’s hopeless. That’s baloney. The Flynn effect shows that this is baloney. People increase their intelligence by projecting futures, cultural/economic, that demand such increases. I am suspicious: people’s intelligence is a malleable factor. A huge number of the world’s peoples have lived in cold storage so long they look unsmart. But they are coming out of it in a hurry. The plasticity of neurons should make this issue irrelevant. Consider this: for Saudi Arabia. http://www.iapsych.com/iqmr/fe/LinkedDocuments/batterjee2013.pdf

The whole IQ game needs to be cashiered to stop crippling people here. Consider this: the great American economy started its take off with a population that must have begun with an average IQ of 85 or worse. But they were able to take off, and were also able to elude imperialism. (The American Revolution was an anti-imperialist war). Almost any given population has more than sufficient potential to develop. If it doesn’t there’s list of possible reasons: imperialism and capitalist exploitation, resource wars, etc…
So that confusion over IQ is out the window.

I made a pledge to never have anything to do with such tests. They turn millions into self-prophetic nosedives.
Let’s get started: what’s the budget of Saudi Arabia, who controls it, and how much is needed for a neo-communist movement, and the funds to hire people to produce some good economic models, legal federation issues, etc, etc…The issue of a transtional phase of economic questions, this without getting hijacked by sophistical capitalist economists who will sabotage everything. A new breed of marxist thinkers is needed to ward off these wolves but with a new form of thinking that can resolve the economic problems. We can see now that the whole effort to debunk communism in the name of markets was a first class swindle by hired economists. The whole theory over a century was bogus. Mindboggling…People who indulge that degree of deception are hiding something: the fact that communist economies could be designed with the same mathematics, if that mathematics weren’t an ideological fraud.

The Saudi monarchy? Off with their heads.

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