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Scare tactics…

June 14th, 2015 · No Comments


This post was ‘just desserts’, scare tactics, an update on a previous about taking over the Cern Lag. It’s category is ‘not this week’. I am actually a busy student of science, and have purchased five/ten plus books on physics in the last two/three weeks:
Black Holes, Information and the String Theory Revolution
Bankrupting physics…
The Infinity Puzzle: Quantum Field Theory and …
From Here to Eternity
Two books by Smolin/Unger
plus an earlier purchase: Farewell to Reality
Constructing Quarks…
The Black Hole War….
Particle at the End of the Universe…
The Inflationary Universe…
Time Machines: Time Travel in Physics..
Plus two odd books by Susskind:
The Theoretical Minimum: what you need to know to start doing physics
+Quantum Mechanics: The Theorectical Minimum: what you need to know to start doing physics…
+ditto for ‘Classical Mechanics’…

Hegel and the Freedom of the Moderns…Oops, that’s not a physics book….

I have surveyed a lot of the material here, but I was floored by
fluid dynamics: the phase space fluid and the gibbs louiville therem..

I think that there is however a ‘meta-theory’ that stands beyond mathematics.
Math/logic contains the idea: metamathematics.
My view here is concern with mathematical theory in economics:
I also bought
Finding Equilibrium: Arrow, Debreu, McKenzie and the Problem of Scientific Credit
Düppe, Till
I was looking for a book on Arrow/Debreu to see if anyone can get to the bottom of
the neo-classical illusion.
I bought first, by mistake
The Arrow Impossibility Theorem…an nice mistake: this is a classic I had barely heard of
(and which I won’t have time to study at this point…)

I was alerted by one of the Smolin books to physics and economists equally confused
on economic theory. I think physics have a hard time seeing that mathematical economics
is not on a footing with real science.
That’s puzzling: the experts in physics have severe ‘reality confusions’.

The wonders of credit card debt…

I think scientists should be scared. They can’t figure out darwinism is a problem theory.

They should hope they won’t need people like me, beggars, except smarter and thus rarer, to debug their confusions…free of charge…Noone will pay to find out why physicists are stupid in biology…ditto for why biologists are stupid in biology…(or evolution, plain biology, no problem…)
Moral: once you are in the Iron Cage…

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