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More on neo-communism vs american imperialism in the middle east

June 17th, 2015 · No Comments


The idea of a revolutionary communism in the Middle East is a good one, despite the hatred of communism, because the area will NOT really develop under capitalist monopoly capital during the oil era. Since communism could be even worse with state control, what to do? First, the Middle East shows that top down development has proven possible: Turkey.
But the issue of neo-communism is the only starting point here because the development of economies in the Middle East requires liberation from the US ‘colonial’/imperialist plunder or resources.
So this is an idea of a federated system seeking liberation at the boundaries for an association of transitional state.
Here the left hasn’t done its homework: the key issue once the boundary is secured (i.e a geographical region conforming to a postcapitalist constitutionalism) is a sufficiently efficient system
to be something more than a mere command economy. We need models of how to do this.
A neo-communism must prevent one party domination
party/class privileges, etc..
establish a framework of rights not seduced or muddle by properties right in state of tycoonery: i.e. all large scale capital/industrial plant is publically owned. This requires a reciprocity of freedoms: the tyranny of capital in the destruction of democratic freedom moves to a different form of freedom in a postcapitalist system.

And so on. We can see that pure market economies have failed so this is different from the older failed communism.
This doesn’t make sense to most now: check the facts. Saudi Arabia has produced an almost fantastic amount of wealth but still remains economically retarded. All that wealth has been stolen.
Check out the movie Syriana here.

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