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Dawkins, Harris and the bungled new atheist start up

June 18th, 2015 · No Comments


It is interesting to watch the new atheist movement develop, but the basic message has been crippled from the start: a new new movement is inevitable. First Harris has an Israeli connection, a jewish chauviniat bias, and a confusion over neuroscience, meditation and ‘self’ issues. Dawkins is a basket case on issues of science, evolution, and …religion.

The issue of atheism should not be connected to issues of darwinism, ‘secularism’, psychology, and neuroscience. The question of ‘god’ is antinomial and impossible to resolve. The new atheists will have a temporary success because ‘god confusion’ is so great dispelling the idea of ‘god’ can result in beneficial though temporary bouts of clarity. But in the end the god/no-god dilemma has no solution.

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