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Last and first communism…projects with a difference…

June 18th, 2015 · No Comments

The task of postcapitalism is at first an impossible one, but one way to start is via social movements that can help people, on issues of culture, religion, jobs, association (adult versions of summer camps), education political, cultural, technical, i.e. extended versions of the union, and the…Commune before the fact. A populist social movement thus (consider the second internationale) can creep up on the status quo and be ready to stage a revolution, mindful of prior experience of the fickle mood of such groups (consider again the second internationale). Such a movement can compromise as long as it is clear that in the end in won’t compromise on the fundamentals, a neo-commuism, and beyo0nd that the long term need for humanity to restore the plunder of private property to the Commons, etc…. The alternative is endless hell for everyone.
This is not idle speculation: every decade the left dawdles the right gets stronger and more outrageous: consider the botch over student debt and Obamacare, two trainwrecks sabotage by the right. It is going to get worse as the TPP near miss made clear.

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