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The modern transition as an ‘age of revelation’ outstrips the Israelite version hands down…

June 19th, 2015 · No Comments

: World Revolution full documentary on the prophecies of revelation

The idea of a Munzerian communist xtianity is a theoretical attempt to answer to the degeneration of xtian theology into right wing trash ideology. But that said, the number of confusions is an escalating supermuddle that is not always easy to answer:
in a short list:
the book of Revelation is so flawed it is virtually impossible to use or interpret…it is a very limited mindset and should never have been included in the Bible
the animus against revolution forgets that modern revolution was born in the Reformation, and that Xtian communism came before the later atheist brand…: consider the English Civil War
to defend the Reformation against Catholicism makes some sense, but the thinking derails quickly: the birth of a ‘secular’ revolution was inevitable for the very reasons given in this confused analysis
the modern transition is a de facto ‘revolution’ and ‘age of revelation 2.0’: it a revolution against catholicism in the reformation, then a revolution in a Feuerbachian sense against theologies of domination. The French Revolution hardly deserves this kind of idiotic prejudice, but the sudden shift from the religious revolution of the English Civil War to a challenge to the reformation stage of the English Civil War misleads later relligious comment. Denouncing the French Terror is egregious. The sixteeenth century xtian revolutionaries were truly savage by comparison, and their slaughter went on for a century.
the confusion over the free masons and the illuminati is chronic. But it is almost complete nonsense. If we study the macro effect in WHEE we see that they are sideliners: the real effect is the larger macro effect… It is simply false to think the rise of modern liberalism/socialism/communism is due to conspiracies of masons or the illuminati…

In general the modern transition has an isomorphic structure to the Israelite (and Hellenic) transitions of the Axial Age. Not only that, it is light years ahead of the primitive canons of the archaic, primitive and theistically confused Old Israelitism…

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