History, Evolution, and The Darwin Debate

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Will future ruthless revolutionaries be forced to liquidate rightist Crowleyan magick-ians and if so what about the new covens of left feminist witches? Is Naomi Klein a witch?

June 19th, 2015 · No Comments

We can see that the replacement of reformation xtianity’s revolutionary potential with an historical materialist/ Feuebachian atheism backfired. The wisdom of the early modern was actually greater. At the same time if we take the early Feuerbachian period as an inevitable stage to erase hopeless muddle and start over, we have a better rationale for the (actually quite brilliant) Feuerbach. But this post-Hegelian left threw out what Hegel sensed as the conclusion to the Reformation: German Classical philosophy…Instead the left and/or ‘secularists tend to fall into the Nietzschean vein, to the discredit of their future efforts.
Let us consider that Hegel just about dealt a royal flush of a neo-theistic post-theism while Schopenhauer reinvented buddhism in three years in parallel with Hegel in a dialectic that makes the marxist brand seem mentally retarded. Moral, the definitions of secular humanism are too narrow and we can see the inexorable return of the repressed. Where sober marxists hoped to see enlightenment rationality win out we see rather the flood of new age, occult and Crowleyan ‘magick-ians’ preaching a take-over of modernity by self-defined magical psychopaths (Do What Thous Wilt) who wish finish over Xtianity for secularists, and make human sacrifice and fascist politics a new normal (Crowley had a thing about Mussolini). It is hard to see how historical materialists can deal with this, but, come to think of it, thank gosh for historical materialism: it enabled a revolutionary generation to banish phantoms and deal with a simple set of economic realities. But that ostrich tactic of burying you head in sand won’t work again. The new world of postreligion has backfired: the real choice was not religion versus secularism, but religion versus resurgent paganism, witchcraft, mafia gnosticism, and a mob of Aleister Crowley clones attempting the banishing rituals of the pentagram.
The left has to get its act together asap in this new transformed modernity.

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