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A fight to the finish, Zizek…

June 22nd, 2015 · No Comments

I am sorry to be so critical of Zizek. It is partly jealousy at not having any leftist associations. But this situation is absurd. I am banned from all marxist listservs, can’t exchange an email with anyone on the left, and after writing a book on neo-communism got no reviews, no exchanges of email, etc… Sob story continues, etc…But how can it be that way? there are millions out there who would respond to a decent neo-communist platform. But it is beyond the capacity of the current deadbeat left. The people of the planet who need revolution have to become cult members in a nineteenth century cult of Marx. They will stay home.
I am within my rights here: it was Zizek who tried to rub my nose in shit in his last two books trying to scotch my Last and First Men without mentioning my name.
I am cranky here for good reason: all I can expect here is attempts to kill me as a deviationist. My answer to that is that you all are dinosaurs…
Actually I am better off that way: renewal on the left has to be from people with no contacts with the old left, more or less. In any case, I did what was asked of me by a hidden sufi ultra-radical: create a broader view of modernity for new agers, et al who are stuck in antiquity, try to create a superset of historical materialism to allow a broader audience, …and, oh yes, warn the dumbkopf left of the devastating mind control techniques of dark sufism. And a lot more. To be fair, this leaves me under suspicion of being a sufi trojan horse. And there are some really evil sufis out there, like Gurdjieff, more than happy to sell their methods to the neoliberal elite. Anyone who knows anything about sufism knows I am not a ‘sufi’. But I have thought certain sufis want to export their mysterious spiritual technology to a new future created by a new left that can do that. It is not a question of religion. A half-way intelligent materialist foundation is fine.

This task (and the definition above is my own) was actually simpler than I realized. The issue of materialism is solved already in classic samkhya. The core of historical materialism as economic critique is so easy to rewrite in a new conceptual language that it is a non-problem,…for me. For many billions in the realm of legacy religion historical materialism is YUCK, HORRID…who are those nasties…you get my point.

In any case I find this amusing after being frustrating. You are dodos and I am not. And I will beat you to the draw.

The issue here is not me, but a reminder to the many activists who feel shut out of the marxist world that anarchist reaction is counterproductive. The core neo-communist idea is more than viable beyond anarchist fantasies. And I hope I have shown how to carry old style marxism and then accelerate beyond it in a new interpretation.

In the meantime legacy marxists should remind themselves that history can be ruthless: if they force it to happen, they replacements will not stop at liquidation of the old marxists, in the name of something not unlike marxism, from the future.

Although it is sad to be excommunicated, the reality is that one has an ace in the hole: groups in that state are has beens in long, now short run…

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