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Observer, theory, and observed: a non-linear totality

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http://history-and-evolution.com/whee4th/chap2_2_4.htmNatural Selection and the Oedipus Paradox…

This short section of WHEE has never been popular but it contains the key not only to the failure of darwinism, but to the way theories of economics are wrong in a subtle way (if they use the differential equation to compute dynamics)

Let’s consider the case of natural selection: as a theory it is really about deep time. But our ideas are vague and we assume a universal generalization as a law like the pseudo-law of natural selection will be true of our own time. In fact that is true, but the catch is that this isn’t evolution.

We see that ‘theories’ would need a time domain for their application. The reason social darwinism arises is because we assume we can consciously adopt the theory of natural selection and apply it to living populations. It is possible to do that, but it won’t evolve man.

In general sociological analysis is distinct from physics because its context has no true objective observer: the observer AND his theory are objects inside the domain being analyzed and the effect is totally nonlinear. That’s why darwinism become social darwinism out of range: it is a subjective theory applied by an agent to social situations. But the original was a ‘blind law’ acting autonmatically

In any case, natural selection does not drive evolution, so it is a wrong theory to start with.

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