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Zizek fumbles on buddhism

June 22nd, 2015 · No Comments


Zizek is peddling bullshit here. What is the motive? Marxist critique of religion from the view of materialism? That’s unfair: buddhism can be reckoned like Samkhya. You want materialism. fine…
I say this because I am also a critic of buddhism’s dark side: buddhism and its methods are so powerful they led to a form of mindcontrol powerful enough to nosedive into fascist politics, a fact little known. To me that is the buddhist gotterdammerung: the garbage disposal at the end of an age at the dawn of a new one. The original buddhism was indeed a non-violent movement of compassion, and still is on the surface. But in my view, or suspicion/hypothesis the problem in the medieval period, when buddhists had mostly been massacred and driven from India. As with the jews after the Holocaust their anger, despair and rage generated a ‘no more Mr. Nice Guy’ buddhism that then seeped I suspect into Tibetan esotericism there to fester until the dragon emerged to strike. Poor Tibetans: they never knew what hit them.

I merely think it wrong to judge buddhism by the standard of reductionist science or ideological critique. The original buddhism was the reverse of this, so we should be careful how we analyze this.
Let’s face the reality here: a leftist communist given current cadres would declare enlightenment a superstition and hand buddhists over to the secret police. That’s insane. The issue of buddhism far transcends that religion: its core was very ancient and very much alive millennia before Gautama.

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