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Higher powers in history…?

June 24th, 2015 · No Comments

The question of history: my non-darwinian take on darwinism is heresy in conventional circles, but I fear the joke is on the believers (in darwinism).

We are confronted given stale marxism with a need to resolve the question of history and the resolution given by WHEE is far superior (that’s not even bragging) to the lame views of history enforced in public thought in the context of science.
This perspective finds a spectacular structure in world history, something the Israelites stumbled on, then botched the whole account with a tribal pseudo-monotheism of a ‘god’ who acted over history. We reject that perspective, but a closer look shows their primitive yet remarkable insight into what we now see as the Axial Age, but only a fragment, distorted and now misleading.

The modern world, given this larger evidence, should proceed forthwith to create a transition ‘world religion’ for a ‘secular’ age, i.e. the post-Axial present and future. This ‘trick’ could help religionists/monotheists to put their declining religions under a vise, with a view to a larger global view of the action of higher powers in history. Note the term ‘higher power’, not adequate, but better than saying ‘god acts in history’.
In this case a ‘higher power’ is probably a complex form of teleology in a mechanics that causes a double take between a systems model and a design argument model. And the design argument is less and less believable as ‘divinity’, yet indicating something very unnerving, like a haunted house. For that reason we have left the argument in WHEE in strictly systems language.
We cannot explain away design arguments because there is a high probability that super-advanced technology will show us new and unexpected forms of naturalistic explanation. But the problem is stubbornly hard to evade: this super-advanced technology has to be able to monitor the cycles of civilizations over many millennia. And much more like that.

In the end both sides are going to lose their arguments, designists and true believers in a naturalistic hyper-mechanics.

There is a simple way for the scientifically educated (or miseducated) to see there is a catch in their theories: the history/culture of man revolves around the issue of values, beside the realm of facts. Historical evolution processes values and this throws a monkey wrench into conventional explanations.

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