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Axial Age and sense of religion as exterior imposition

June 26th, 2015 · No Comments

What we take for religion is really not a definitional category so much as a reference to the Axial period which produced buddhism, xtianity and Islam, along with confucianism, and a diffuse taoism. And in the parallel the seeds of modern secularism are born in the Greek Axial Age. Looking at the Axial Age we see how arbitrary the definition of ‘religion’ can be. It is a disservice to pit religion against everything else. This seems to arise from the way that the emergence of monotheism turned into a meta-cultural which made is ‘imposition’ on different cultures seem to be a combination of separate things. But in the modern case this is confusing and leads to an inaccurate attempted to call secularism anti-religious. We should nonetheless consider that the secular is a potential source of the equivalent to religion if it can transcend the bad science in scientism.

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