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Last and First Men as a response to the OWS failure

July 1st, 2015 · No Comments

In the previous post Micah White calls ‘protest’ broken. I have often thought so. But his statement that millions of people in the streets doesn’t work anymore doesn’t seem to follow. When have we see millions of people in the streets? If we actually saw such crowds I think protest would revive immediately. The crowds involved in the OWS were real enought but still fairly limited, and they were quickly beset with new forms of suppression by the authorities who created the threat of bureaucratic ad-infinitum in the arrests/citations/ as a way to harass protestors.

I think that what is lacking is the connection with a new version of marxist-style organized revolutionary praxis. But the older marxism is unable to appeal to a new generation and is precisely what the OWS wished to avoid replacing such things with its anarchist bent. How can we complain of failure if it is built in via ‘anarchism’ and such leaders as Chomsky who won’t take rebellion to the stage of revolution.

Consider my Last and First Men as a way to recreate a new post-marxist marxism with an historical platform, a critique and recreation of core marxism, an economic critique, and much else.

Last and First Men: plus: http://darwiniana.com/?s=last+and+first+men

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